About Us

Madina Research was established by young generation who are expert in service and market research. Our company focuses on market research with mystery shopping method that can describe your actual service condition, that makes you easier to evaluate and develop new strategies for your company

Madina Research has successfully established our self by working with an experienced team. We always conduct our services by national standards. We know our way around Indonesian-based market research industries and uphold our quality of services

Madina Research has a unique market research approach, with a focus on finding the right research tools to answer your need for insight. We offer a suite of integrated services for you in your wide range of business sectors. We are now developing into an experienced market research agency with our dynamic and communicative team. We have undertaken research in the financial services sector, automotive, telecommunications , electronics, heavy equipment, transportation, hospitality, health care, retail and are still expanding

Our Vision

The top choice partner for all companies in Indonesia that excellence in performance and service that has a positive impact for partners

Our Mission

Give the best service and solutions for all partners

Our Value

Love Service

We really like the service! Our experience as a customer service and maker of service concepts makes us have an understanding and ‘essence’ of a service so that we have mastered detailed measurements of a service

Technology Based

Our Shoppers work with android apps that specifically designed to make them easy to measure and deliver result. So, we can improve the speed of completing your project.
As our partner, you will get additional facilities to get information the progress of your project up to the final report just from your desk in real time


Our shoppers is a experienced shoppers and can be adjusted with your qualifications and they are spread in Indonesia. We also have a young generation team that has high analysis skills and high speed in completing your project

Service Excellent

We are ready to give the best solution for your need even more than your expectations